&Rundquist stands for the close cooperation – with our clients, with our partners, and not least within our project teams. At our office in Södermalm in central Stockholm, we are around thirty architects who work project-oriented in collaboration with landscape architects, engineers, real estate developers and other specialists. The office was started in 1993 under the name of Henrik Rundquist Arkitektkontor AB and operated during the period 1999 to 2008 under the name KHR Rundquist arkitekter ab, then co-owned by KHR Architects AS in Copenhagen.

Our focus lies on high-quality design in the public space and our projects range from urban design at the concept level to buildings and facilities like terminals, stations, bridges and urban environments. The demands on technology and function are often dominant, yet they generate unique architectural qualities. Many assignments are the result of a first prize won in competitions and parallel assignments and we have been awarded with both the Kasper Salin Prize for Arlanda Pier F, and the European Steel Design Award for the Floating Roof in Vällingby Centre and Sundsvall Bridge. Our clients are mainly government agencies, municipalities and publicly owned companies, and we are working through all stages of municipal planning, road and rail planning, all the way to specification and construction documents. From large-scale questions, in neighborhoods and complex buildings, down to the detailed design of equipment – we handle all aspects of the public space!


TEL +46 8 545 132 80 / INFO@RUNDQUIST.SE