Åstad Linköping


& Rundquist, in collaboration with Metro, Sydväst, Ramböll, Büro Happold and Urbanisma, won the international competition “Linköping – the inner city grows across the river” in 2013 with a proposal for a new travel hub accompanied by urban development on the east bank of Stångån river.

The area will be part of Linköping’s city centre and will accommodate a station for the new high-speed railway Ostlänken, forming a regional node that connects all communications in an efficient way while contributing to a seamless urban expansion. The project proposes a new location for Liköping’s train station, opening for the inner city to take the leap over Stångån, which today borders the compact urban fabric to the northeast.

The competition proposal was further developed during 2014-15 to become a basis for future planning programs, this time with a focus on a railway tunnel, but with the same idea of ​​entrances on both sides of the river. These studies included the new station, the stadium area / multimodal hub with the bus terminal, the future tramway and the city structure around Stångån.

During 2018-20, the work has been extended to encompass the entire Steninge-Stångebro area in parallel with the start of location studies for the high-speed railway. Several alternative locations for the station on the east riverbank have been studied in connection with structural sketches, density calculations, planning for mixed programming, green structure, schools, sports areas, integration analysis and other.

The competition proposal was named the winner of WAF 2014 in the category Best Future Project, Infrastructure.

  • Client: Linköpings kommun
  • Year: 2013 -
  • Location: Linköping

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