Bridge Husarviken


The area on the south side of Husarviken is under transformation from being an industrial area where relatively few people have moved, into a new neighborhood with many residents and an important link in the surrounding landscape. The water becomes a border zone to nature, a transition between city and park and the bridge belongs to both sides.

The bridge starts from the north side with a base that takes brace in the zone between land and water. Over the water the bridge thins out to land lightly on the southern quayside. The abutment on the quayside is designed as part of the dock and not part of the bridge. The bridge is designed as a simple and cohesive unit, cut out of a piece, almost with no detail. The north side abutment transitions without a seam to the bridge deck flat arc shape that expresses the power of the span and the ease of the opening flap. The sides of the bridge are angled outward to catch the water reflections and give a light impression. The location of the structure in the sides of the bridge enables the design of a thin bridge deck which in turn reduces the length of the bridge and containment. The openability is made not to be at display more than in the open position. In the closed position, it is the quiet cohesive form which may hide the surprise that modern technology can produce.

Photographer: Kasper Dudzik


  • Client: Exploateringskontoret Stockholm
  • Year: 2008 - 2018
  • Location: Husarviken, Stockholm

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