Bridge over Rönne


The proposal Topos received third prize in an open competition for a new bridge. The task was to create a new connection for cars and pedestrian and bicycle traffic across Rönne Å. The design concept takes its origin in the surrounding landscape, and with topographically carved wood and concrete discs, the winding movements along the bayside are woven together with the directions of the city – and together form the bridge´s shape. The proposal is low-key and does not rise above its surroundings, but rather forms part of it. Park and bridge become one with the promenade and the surrounding landscape. Where the bridge’s slabs meet the ground, the transversely tensioned wooden plates of the bridge girder are replaced by concrete slabs, which weave into the ground and join the bridge’s topography curves with the hilly surroundings. Existing trees are preserved and allowed to continue to grow by cutting holes in the slabs of the terraced landscape. The space under the bridge is a bright and cozy room where the bridge´s topography curves form ceiling, walls and seats. At night, gentle lighting enhances the new spaces created by the bridge. The road lighting folds into the bridge railing’s wood-clad hub follower and marks the bridge´s shape as a soft curve across the dark water.

  • Client: Ängelholms kommun
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Ängelholm, över Rönne å

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