The bridges make up an important communication link in the future inner harbour, as well as they are important design elements in the public space. Functionally, the bridges are part of a pedestrian prioritized area. Two of the bridges incorporate installations, such as water and waste suction.

The design stems from the industrial identity and landscape of the inner harbour with containers and cranes. The bridges should rather look like “placed items” than permanent elements. The bridges are made of steel and the turquoise color is derived from the area’s color scheme, inspired, among other things, by the existing cranes, and referencing to the local historical identity.

The transverse beams are exposed along the bridges’ edges, while the installation pipes are located only in the middle section and are closed with removable hatches from below. The beams are aligned with the railing and the gaps between its segments. The railing is made of grating.

The bridges’ character is enhanced at night with decorative linear lighting that illuminates the inside of the railing/grating.

  • Client: Norrköpings kommun
  • Year: 2016-2018
  • Location: Inre hamnen Norrköping

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