A new subway, Fornebubanen, is to be built in Oslo to provide better and faster travel opportunities, relieve the road network and facilitate valuable urban development in central parts of Oslo. In an prequalified competition, &Rundquist, in team with Saaha and Degree of Freedom, has developed proposals for two of the stations, Vaekero and Lysaker.

Vaekero station is located in a hilly residential area with dense greenery and vegetation. The design concept is based on respect for the the small-scale building culture and surrounding green qualities, in the same time as the entrances are highlighted, but on the conditions of the location. The architectural idea is an inner station room, formed by the drama of the rock, while the meeting with the smallscale villa town takes place in a compliant and humble way. The station room, with its dark, green, rock vault, forms its own magical world deep inside the mountain. The two entrances to the station are formed as precise cuts in the landscape. With a humble clarity, the openings lead the travelers into the mountain.

Lysaker is an exchange point under development. The existing railway will be connected to the new subway station. The concept for the proposal is to design the station as a city park, as a unifying urban space in the heart of Lysaker. The park is the station and the station is the park. Travelers are given a short distance between the different types of public transport and Lysaker station becomes a central meeting place. Robustness and a flexibility to changes over time have permeated the concept development. A high, dramatic hall with lanterns that reinforce the character of the station room, contact between the car park and the station, clear flows between the train and the subway are architectural concept ideas.

  • Client: Oslo kommun
  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Location: Oslo, Norway

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