Karlstad station area


Proposal in competition focusing on the development of the station area in Karlstad. The task is to provide suggestions on how the area around Karlstad C can develop as part of the growing city.

The main idea of ​​the proposal “Laga staden”, which was awarded with the second prize, is to transform the station area into a living part of the city’s structure and reduce the barrier effect of the busy street Hamngatan and the track area.

The proposal is based on the idea of placing a new bus terminal located west of the existing station building to decrease the heavy traffic on the rest of Hamngatan  The bus terminal and station building are linked to the Vikentunnel, which is being expanded and converted into a broad and generous city passage, which also serves as an effective exchange point between train- and bus traffic. Around the station area and its entrances, an urban square with new buildings is formed, with respect to the city’s structure and sightlines. The station area becomes a welcoming urban place in the city, both for the visitor and the city’s inhabitants!

The proposal was made in a team with Tema/Landskap, Ramböll/Trafik, samt Structor/Fastighetsutveckling.

Bilder av 3d house/&Rundquist

  • Client: Karlstad kommun
  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Karlstad

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