Örebro South


The future Örebro South station neighborhood opens up and grows into an active meeting place that offers a variety of functions and possibilities around the station, along the city flows.
Together with Nivå landskapsarkitektur, we participated in a parallel assignment aiming to reveal possibilities for the design of a mixed and vibrant urban neighborhood around the South Station in Örebro.
In our proposal, new building blocks are designed to extend the city structure towards the station platforms with new active facades and public spaces. The station develops into an optimized commuter hub with easy access at each platform end. The new northern entrance is accessible by a footbridge, while the southern entrance takes the shape of an underpass for both pedestrians and cyclists.
The car and bus access to the train station is reorganized along the street and a larger parking area is provided along Svartå bangata.
Eugén Park transforms from an idle green space to an attractive recreational destination in the city. The park is being equipped with pavilions and services and the new entrance to the station provides excellent accessibility from the city, through the park.

  • Client: Örebro kommun
  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Örebro

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