&Rundquist, together with Sydväst landscape architects and Cowi, have developed a masterplan for Sjöstaden in central Trelleborg, as part of the municipality’s urban project Kuststad 2025. The proposal, realized within a parallel assignment, presents feasible qualitative ideas as well as rough cost calculations for the large, near-sea areas that will be vacated when the port operations move east.

Our proposal “Sjöstaden around the corner” lays out a clear structure with several strategic locations building on the values that already exist in today’s Trelleborg. The structure is robust and organized so that it allows for gradual expansion while connecting old with new. The port’s rational orientation is considered in a way that meets the city center in a seamless expansion towards the sea.

The robust structure also allows space and specific locations for the unique – strategically placed meeting places often accompanying public programs such as the concert hall, campus, school or the open air swimming bath.

Meeting the sea, the proximity to the city center, the offsetted street network, the human scale and the variation of buildings and in public space have been leading principles in our work, distinguishing the project Sjöstaden from other similar urban and harbor environments.

A sustainable city implies a sustainable way of moving around. For the new strategic establishments, such as the university campus and other innovative activities, the accessibility to public transport is crucial and these functions are placed close to the central station. At the same time, focus is put on developing a supporting network for daily mobility – with emphasis on walking and cycling. It should be easy to get around without a car! The new structure improves the closeness to the central station, with the Sjöstråket as a main green connection from east to west. A new bridge connects Utkiken, Kulturhuset and the city. The buss traffic captures the entire development area.

  • Client: Trelleborgs kommun
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Trelleborg

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