Steel entrance, Architecture gala


Stålbyggnadsinstitutet SBI is the client and partner of the Architecture Gala, which in 2017 takes place at Cirkus in Stockholm. The task is to create an extended entrance through which the gala guests will pass. The gate should enhance the feeling of festivity and inspire the use of steel in an attractive and interesting way. The timeplan of the project was limited and certain requirements were set, for example  transportation in one piecde should be possible, and the construction had to be made out of standard products. The proposal “Fyrkantsröra” solve the task by using standard products in steel, cuted and joined, to form a gate with an intricate pattern effect and a strong material presence. A raw and direct use of materials that plays with inside/outside, contrasts between mass and transparancy, filtering the light over the arriving gala guests.

  • Client: SBI, Stålbyggnadsinstitutet
  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Stockholm

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