Rundquist (former KHR Rundquist) Architects have worked on several assignments within Hammarby Sjöstad that are part of environmental efforts and have an impact on the public space. These projects have answered high demands on the architecture as a symbolic question in the upgrading of technical programming.

A recurring design theme for our assignments in Hammarby Sjöstad is the slate as architectural grammar.

The Pump Station Sickla udde for Stockholm Vatten AB comprises a pump station, a power station and a runoff collecting tank. In addition to the technical features, the station represents an important pedestrian link between the street and park system, while offering a panorama point towards Södermalm’s heights.

The SL Technical Building contains a DC converter for the tramway. The building is located about 150 meters north of the Pump Station and together they form an ensemble at Hammarby’s seaside and along the park.

  • Client: Stockholms stad, Stockholm Vatten, SL
  • Year: 2000 - 2003
  • Location: Hammarby Sjöstad

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