Last week we have been in Trelleborg, together with our team members Sydväst landscape architects and Cowi, and presented our proposal for the development of Sjöstaden, the western part of city’s harbour. Our team’s proposal is one of three entries in a parallel assignment organized by Trelleborg municipality, aiming to find feasible and qualitative solutions for developing the city when the port operations move to the east and large central and near-sea areas are vacated. The proposals will be exhibited under the summer 2019 on Algatan 5 in Trelleborg. Read more about the competition here and check the proposals here!




This year’s Stockholms Arkitektförenings Vårrevy took place at Färgfabriken on May 23, and offered an evening filled with short inspirational lectures and reviews of interesting projects and initiatives from the Stockholm area. As one of the speakers, our CEO Henrik Rundquist talked about the expansion of Stockholm’s Metro. The evening continued with the awarding ceremony for the Guldrummet prize, followed by refreshments and mingle. Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable evening!




We are proud to present our colleague Elsa Wifstrand, as one of the key note speakers at World Tunnel Congress, an annual event about tunnelling, engineering and innovation, that recently took place in Naples, Italy. Elsa, was, with her experience from working with the new Metro, and in her role as one of the founders of Think Deep Sweden,  invited to talk about how the tradition of art in the Metro in Stockholm, now is continuing in our work with the new Yellow Metro Line. ”Art and Architecture, a continuing journey in the developement of the yellow metro line in Stockholm”, is the title of the lecture, which seems to have engaged many of the listeners!




Our bridge over Husarviken is one of the finalists in 2019 Stockholm Building of the year award.
Comment by the jury: “A bridge that is not only beautiful, it also connects the city and gives us new patterns of movement. This bridge is a small addition that gives effect. The asymmetric expression that comes from the function gives a strong and interesting form.”
We´d be delighted if you´d vote for us!




We are happy to announce that Peter Sundin is now entering as a partner at &Rundquist!
Peter has worked at &R since 2006 and carries great experience from a variety of projects, currently leading the work of the new metro stations along the Yellow Line. We consider an increased ownership spread as an important matter for
a stable and long-term development of the office!




The abutments of Folke Bernadotte’s bridge, a 97-meter-long stainless-steel bridge commissioned by Kungliga Djurgårdens förvaltning are now being cast. The steel construction is manufactured by Stål & Rörmontage in Sölvesborg and will be delivered and mounted on site during May/June 2019. The one-span bridge will be an important pedestrian connection to the Southern parts of Djurgården, and we are looking forward to seeing it in use, hopefully just in time for summer!

Photo: Elisabeth Rosenquist-Saidac




On March 14th, the exhibition Public Luxury, was inaugurated at the Swedish Institute in Paris. Our scale model for the planned metro station Hagastaden is part of the exhibition, which is a slimmed version of the exhibition by the same name produced by the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design in 2018 in Stockholm. The exhibition in Paris runs from March 14th until the 9th of June 2019.

About the exhibition Public Luxury:
”Buildings, monuments and street furniture are expressions of what is called public space. But who shapes it? Who is included in it and excluded from it? Why do the physical components of our shared heritage – from roads to public art and newspaper stands – affect us so much as individuals?
Swedish architects and designers explore the paradoxes of public space and its accessibility, and suggest a new dimension of luxury: public luxury. This oxymoron encapsulates the issues relating to space that is supposed to be for everyone; space that everyone can make their own, irrespective of their gender, their social standing or their background. All the works on show, many of which were specially made for the exhibition, set out to tell a story about public life today.

The design of the metro station Hagastaden has been done in close collaboration with the artist Åsa Jungnelius. Åsa’s artistic idea for the station is to move inside a sea shell, this idea permeates the entire station and gives it it’s unique character. In our daily work at &Rundquist we aim to create good public spaces and travel environments that will benefit all. The integration of art in these public environments is important as it gives additional values and increase the attractiveness of the spaces. We are honoured to participate in the Public Luxury exhibition, as it is part of the ongoing important discussion about the public space!




Our Wooden Towers are represented in the exhibition New Reception Pieces – works by the members of the Academy of Fine Arts, at the Academy of Fine Arts, Fredsgatan 12. The exhibition shows selected works by the Academy’s members and was inaugurated on March 9. Henrik Rundquist, & Rundquist’s founder and CEO has been a member of the Art Academy since 2012, reason for which he was asked to contribute a project for the exhibition.
“The wooden towers were selected for the exhibition because of their representative value for the office, where the architecture of the everyday functions is emphasized, as well as for their forward-looking design- and production process.” – Henrik Rundquist

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