Our bridge Storbron over Selångersån in central Sundsvall has now been inaugurated! The new bridge will improve the traffic flows and allow pedestrian and bicycle traffic on both sides. The passages along the quay have been taken care of in the development of the bridge, with the aim to create a more accessible environment even under the bridge.





Our proposal for a new bridge over Tinnerbäcken in Linköping has won the first prize in a parallel assignment. The new bridge connection is part of a new development with refurbished baths and adjoining park, as well as new school and housing areas. We have been the lead architect for the bridge proposal that we developed in team with Tyréns.

The project consists of a wooden glulam truss construction that allows the wood structure to form a legible space and with a clear shape in the large open space towards the park and within the dense vegetation of the ravine. During daytime, an interesting play of shadows appears on the bridge deck; when darkness falls, the bridge becomes a luminous lantern among the treetops. We are looking forward to continue working on this bridge in wood, a material of the future!

Word from the jury: “The proposal reveals a design with a clear architectural expression that interacts with both the large-scale landscape and the ravine, as well as it is being experienced as a “room” in close-up scale. The relation to the form of the swimming pool’s roof construction and the bridges physical expression in the dark represent great qualities of the proposal.”





The winners of the competition for a new road and railway bridge in Oxberg have been announced.
Our proposal challenges the traditional types of construction for railway bridges, and shows innovative solutions for the use of wood, a sustainable material with strong historical roots to the site. We did not win this time, but we are proud to share our proposal “Trätoppar”, which we did in collaboration with Nivå Landskapsarkitektur, ELU for construction, Black Ljusdesign and Roberto Crocetti. The proposal can now be seen on Sveriges Arkitekter’s website.
We would like to congratulate the winning team COWI – Dissing + Weitling!

Words from the jury: “Trätoppar” is rooted in Oxberg´s old local tradition of building in wood and, at the same time, the proposal reveals new ways of building railway bridges in wood. The bridges in tar-treated wood become an obvious part of the surrounding pine forest and are a very beautiful and poetic addition to the valley of Österdalälven.”





We warmly welcome our new coworkers Zakarias Samad och Hermine Hedreul!




Käppalaverket handles wastewater from a majority of Stockholms east and north areas. A growing population and new environmental requirements demand an expansion of the facility to increase the capacity, with an overall goal of cleaning water from 900,000 inhabitants by the year of 2050! We have been entrusted to work with the 900K Project, which involves a rebuild of Käppalaverket’s existing facility and a number of new buildings. Our work starts in September 2020 and the entire project is expected to be ready to use in 2027.




The plaquette for first Prize in the Stockholm Building of the Year 2020 is now in place at Folke Bernadotte’s bridge. It´s very gratifying, that the people’s voice and appreciation now is a part of the bridge!




Folke Bernadotte’s bridge over Djurgårdsbrunnsviken has received first prize in the Stockholm Building of the Year award 2020! We are very happy and proud that the bridge is highly valued by the city’s residents, thanks to all of you who voted!




We were commissioned by the City of Stockholm together with Jernhusen to develop a structure plan for the areas along Södertaljevägen in Liljeholmen. Our work will focus on the transformation of Södertaljevägen from a traffic dominated landscape into a mixed urban space that integrates the different districts in Liljeholmen and connect to Södermalm.
We look forward to this exciting assignment that we will work on in collaboration with Mandaworks, Trivector and Svefa!

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