Our proposal for a new pedestrian connection at Sundsvall’s Central Station was placed top three in a two-step competition. The assignment was to create a separate pedestrian connection between the old station building and the platforms, with a possible extension of the passage in the future. With great respect for the old station, listed as heritage building, the proposal Måttfull uses the smallest possible footprint on the ground and lands in a low volume on the square next to the existing station. The bridge forms a spatial sequence that in a clear way forms the movement upwards and forwards over the tracks to the platforms.  It is a respectful and place specific link between the new and the old. The proposal maximizes the use of wood, which gives a warm and distinct expression and relates to local building traditions. Congratulations to WSP and Dissing + Weitling for the winning proposal Portamento.





We warmly welcome our new trainee, Oscar Sundström. Oscar has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture.








The groundbreaking ceremony for the onshore electricity substations that we have designed took place on the Stadsgården quay in central Stockholm earlier this week. The facilities will supply the cruise ships with electricity from the local grid and are part of Ports of Stockholm’s environmental initiative aiming to significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions and air pollutants originating from the cruise ships in Stockholm and around the Baltic Sea. When docked, the cruise ships can switch off their generators, usually diesel-powered, and instead receive electricity from the local electricity grid. The project makes Ports of Stockholm the first port in Sweden to offer cruise ships onshore power connection. The smaller of the two substations is located within the port’s security zone, between car ramps and port equipment and its design draws inspiration from the steel constructions at the quay, providing the technical modules with a cladding made from woven meshes of steel plates. The second substation is somewhat bigger, and it is located further east on the quay below Fåfängans hill. Here, the idea was to place the technical modules behind a wall of stones, thus opening a calm and ordered façade towards the water. The facades consist of a gabion wall filled with left over stones from the construction of the new harbour, Norvik.






The planning project for Kassmyraåsen is on consultation from September to November 2022. The project indicates how Kassmyraåsen can be developed into a sustainable district with housing developments, schools, preschools, green lanes, green areas and parks. The proposal is the result of extensive consultations, investigations and work focusing on water management, green structures and on the intensity of land use. A vision for the future of the area was developed in the initial stages of the planning process, which can be summarized by three focus themes:  Proximity to nature, A diversity of sustainable environments, The interconnected neighbourhood. The structure plan sets the framework for Kassmyraåsen’s development, providing robust premises for the area to grow into a sustainable district over time. The design concept is grounded in the qualities of the unique surrounding landscape.




In connection with the expansion of the metro between Älvsjö and Fridhemsplan, & Rundquist, together with the technology consultant WSP, have been awarded the task of designing four new metro stations in Stockholm!

The new metro line will have stations at Fridhemsplan, Liljeholmen, Årstaberg, Årstafältet, Östberga and Älvsjö. The line connects the central and southern Stockholm and contributes to increased capacity of the metro network. The expansion also provides conditions for building an additional 48 000 residences in the city.

It is both fun and important for us To be able to contribute to the continued development of the city by designing stations that are safe, beautiful and comfortable for all travellers to use.

The project is led by the Region Stockholm, Region Stockholm’s Extended Metro Administration(FUT) and will start in August 2022 and run until 2024. The line is planned to open in 2034.

Photo: Stockholm Region





Our proposal for new public transport shelters in Gothenburg, received an honorable second prize in an open competition. We congratulate the winners Gottlieb Paludan Architects!





Per Ling-Vannerus has been elected new chairman of the board of Rundquist arkitekter ab as part of continuing to develop the office business that focus on high-quality design of public spaces, urban planning and travelling environments. Per is a senior consultant in planning and management, he has a special competence in major projects and was previously head of Major projects at the Swedish Transport Administration. Before that he had a role as head of Infrastructure at Stockholm Ports.  Anna Gullberg, office manager at &Rundquist, has also been elected as a new member of the board, which in addition to Per and Anna consists of Henrik Rundquist (CEO) and Peter Sundin.





This spring we have worked on a much needed pedestrian and bicycle bridge that connects Slakthusområdet in south of Stockholm with Blåsut over Nynäsvägen.
The bridge is now out for public consultation as part of the detail plan for Evenemangskvarteret in Slakthusområdet!


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